Sabzi Mirch £2.95
Spiced vegetables stuffed in a yellow pepper, baked in the tandoor oven and served in a spicy tomato sauce
Sabzi SamoSa £3.00
Triangular-shaped pastry stuffed with spicy vegetables
Onion Bhaji £3.00
Fresh vegetables and sliced onions blended with gram flour and deep fried
Sabzi Puri £3.00
Lightly spiced vegetables smothered over a pancake-like bread
Biryani Dishes
Sabzi Biryani £6.95
Fresh vegetables cooked with basmati rice, served with a vegetable curry
Kumb Biryani £6.95
Mushrooms seal cooked with basmati rice, served with a vegetable curry
Vegetarian Curries
Sabzi Korma £5.50
Fresh vegetables finished in a mild creamy coconut sauce
Sabzi Dopiaza £5.50
Mixed vegetables with fried onions and green pepper
Sabzi Vindaloo £5.50
A fiery dish, cooked in a hot sweet and sour sauce, made of lemon juice and dried chillies
Sabzi Dhansak £5.50
Originally a Persian Dish, now common in Bombay. Vegetables are cooked with lentils to a hot, sweet and sour taste
Sabzi Pathia £5.50
A hot sweet and sour dish of vegetables with chillies, brown sugar and lemon juice
Sabzi Madras £5.50
A hot dish of vegetables in a tangy sauce
Vegetarian Specialities
Sabzi Tava £6.50
Vegetables stir fried with yoghurt on the tava and garnished with cheese
Sabzi Tikka Masala £5.95
Vegetables in a mild, creamy yoghurt sauce
Sabzi Zafrani £5.95
Vegetables with ground pistachio nuts in a creamy sauce
Sabzi Jalfraizi £5.95
Vegetables, flavoured with fresh green chillies and a hint of ginger
Sabzi Tikka Pasanda £5.95
Vegetables cooked with almonds, sultanas, fresh cream and wine
Sabzi Korai £5.95
Vegetables cooked with onions, tomatoes and green peppers
Sabzi Badami £5.95
Vegetables stir fried to a moist consistency with cashew nuts and medium hot spices
Sabzi Exotica £5.95
Vegetables in a delightful sauce of coconut, mango, pineapple and bananas