Shimla Mirch
Spiced mince meat stuffed in a yellow pepper baked in the tandoor oven and served in a spicy tomato sauce.
Onion Bhajee
Fresh vegetables & sliced onions blended with gram flour and deep fried.
Chicken Chaat
Shredded chicken cooked in a tangy sauce with cucumber and tomatoes.
Garlic Mushrooms
Button mushrooms fried in garlic butter.
Prawn Puri
An array of spicy, tangy prawns smothered over deep fried home made bread.
Chicken Pakora
Delicately spiced, minced chicken patties.
Chicken Tikka
Succulent pieces of boneless chicken marinated in yoghurt and mild spices, baked in the tandoor clay oven.
King Prawn Puri
Jumbo prawns cooked in a spicy and tangy sauce, served over deep fried homemade bread.
Bata Chop
Delicious patties made with minced lamb and potatoes.
Lamb Tikka
Tender pieces of lamb marinated in yoghurt and mild spices and baked in the tandoor.
Sheek Kebab
cherry-like minced lamb mixed with herbs and spices.
Shami Kebab
Delicately spiced minced patties.
Lamb Samosa
Triangular shaped pastry filled with spiced lamb.