Finest Selection

Kebab Cocktail
Marinated pieces of chicken, lamb, king prawn and meat balls, skewered and barbecued with peppers, onions and tomatoes. Served with a deliciously tangy sauce.
Succulent pieces of chicken breast cooked in a smooth, creamy sauce, with ground pistachio nuts.
King Prawn Nawabi
Mouthwatering jumbo prawns cooked in their shells in a spicy sauce on onions, peppers and
King Prawn Palak
King Prawns and fresh spinach flavoured with garlic.
Modhu Murg
Tender chicken or lamb cooked with honey, finished to a sweet, creamy sauce.
Special Biryani
Tandoori chicken, lamb tikka and prawns fried with basmati rice. Accompanied by a vegetable
Princess Cottage Korai
Chicken or lamb tikka shimmered in yoghurtbased sauce with fried green peppers and onions.
Jasmini Delight
Tender chicken or lamb, finished in a coconut cream sauce.
Tava Murg
This stir-fried dish of chicken is finished to a moist consistency on the tava with peppers and onions, garnished with cheese.
Princess Cottage Exotica
Succulent pieces of chicken cooked in a delightful sauce of coconut, mango, pineapple and bananas to produce a fruity dish which is not too sweet.
Mushroom Piaza
This scrumptious dish of chicken, is cooked in a perfect blend of herbs and spices with mushrooms and tomatoes.
Chilli Masala
A fiery dish of chicken or lamb cooked with fresh chilies in our signature sauce.
Lemon Chicken
Tender chicken breast finished in our chef’s
special lemon-based spicy sauce.
Garlic Masala
Tender chicken or lamb pieces cooked in a
medium spiced, thick sauce and garnished with
fried garlic.
Princess Cottage Stirfry
Here we have taken an oriental-style dish and given it the Princess Cottage treatment. Can be ordered as chicken or lamb.
A sweet and sour dish of lamb. Our chef’s special recipe